What impact do you want to have today?

The average cost to remove 1,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide is currently $32.

Here are some rough estimates of the carbon dioxide emissions from different activities, and what it would cost to remove that carbon now:

  • 10 burgers: 50 kg ($2)
  • 1 person flying from London to New York: 590 kg ($19)
  • 1 month's carbon footprint of an average person in the United States: 1,333 kg ($43)

Please choose how many kilograms you would like to remove.

If you are unsure, give it a try with 200 kg, which costs roughly $7. The final amount will be displayed in the checkout and can be both higher and lower.

The checkout and the carbon removal projects are provided by Patch.io. Buy Carbon Removal does not process or store the payment information.